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2003-02-01 11:53:41 ET


axolotl 2003-02-01 15:16:15

y0 y0 y0 p33ps---

Vix and I and perhaps another friend are going to meet up in Alhambra for Chinese food to celebrate the Year of the Sheep.


here are the devilish details:

meet at 7:15 pm at the iBrowse Cafe:

iBrowse Coffee and Internet
11 W. Main Street
Alhambra, CA
(626) 588-2233

The Cafe is close to the restaurant Vix is thinkin' about...I think it may be called the Golden Lion Chinese Restaurant, but I'm not sure. Anyhow, we'll meet in the cafe first so we don't look like loitering louts.

Then comes the eating of food, and potentially, a movie afterwards.

if you are innarested, just show. I'm out most of the day and can't check mah internet. or call me @ 818.800.0362.

2003-02-01 11:54:01 ET

thats axo's # , not mine

2003-02-01 12:22:49 ET

I'm down for Chinese food! I'll be leaving work in Pasadena at 7.00, so I might be a little late, tho. Kung pao, here I come. :)

2003-02-01 12:39:28 ET

k3--we'll wait for ya :)

2003-02-01 12:43:09 ET


2003-02-01 12:46:50 ET

anyone else going yet?

2003-02-01 13:02:05 ET

I left a message with beetleginny. nunboi is a maybe. no other definite confirms.

2003-02-01 15:40:26 ET

I might go if I can find it.

2003-02-02 23:28:34 ET

Poop! Sorry I missed yet another meet!

2003-02-04 19:15:19 ET

man... wish i had gone. :P

2003-02-04 19:27:50 ET

I wish I had gone!

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