Small world
2003-02-18 19:28:46 ET

So, I redownload my yahoo messanger ......
and there seems to be a name of which I have no idea who it might be , I start asking questions and even look at a picture. I still have NO idea who this person is . hehehehe
Turns out to Kar3n's EX . Weird, considering i have only met Kar3n twice and within like the last 2? months And i had D/L yahoo like a yr ago.

2003-02-18 19:51:06 ET

The bastard ex? or the OK ex? That's freekin' weird.

2003-02-18 20:46:09 ET

umm he said his name was erik ,and the picture he showed me was of you and himself, only i didn't know it was you . until he asked "Do you know Kar3n?"

2003-02-18 20:50:19 ET

Ahhh, ok. Erik's the good ex. :) You're right tho.. small world!

2003-02-18 20:52:18 ET

Yeah it was totally weird, he thought so too.... especially since i had added him a yr prior to meeting you

2003-02-19 00:39:27 ET

yeah.. have found the world is much smaller than I'd like at times.. espically with the whole LA Metro area... eventually aspects of peoples lives meet I guess

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