2002-05-30 15:20:09 ET

I want ice cream !!! The ice cream man didn't decided not to stop after I ran outside with No shoes yelling " Ice cream Man , Ice cream MAn , STOP !!!! "
there are also pics ;)

2002-05-30 15:24:31 ET

aww....poor vixxx you can have some of my flintstones push pops! :-)
...and beautiful pictures!!!!!...

2002-05-30 15:25:21 ET

:( i wanted one of those HUGE ice pops
THanks , the pics are for a limited time only .. ACT NOW !

2002-05-30 15:26:23 ET

ooh! i'm glad i got to see them then...you're really pretty! :-)

2002-05-30 15:28:11 ET

i have lots more , but i will SK.net from having to view those

2002-05-30 15:29:19 ET

NNooooo leaave 'em!!!
*prances around sing "vix is a hottie~vix is a hottie"*

Now let's go find that ice cream man and give him a good talkin' to.

2002-05-30 18:17:06 ET

but are there pictures of you running barefooted after the ice cream man? ;)

2002-05-30 18:34:58 ET

HA! no

2002-06-04 08:05:25 ET

damn ice cream men....i want a choco taco!!!!

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