2003-02-22 11:23:44 ET

I have a cold....

who wants my boogers ???

2003-02-22 11:42:26 ET


:( don't be sick!

2003-02-22 11:45:14 ET

i know , i don't want to be :(

And i'm bored too.... THINK

2003-02-22 11:46:12 ET

HMm....Do you play games? You could play Xbox. Or a cool PC Game!

2003-02-22 11:48:22 ET

I have the following game consoles : PS2, N64, PS1, Sega, SNES, 2 gameboys and gameboy advanced.

2003-02-22 11:50:33 ET

ooh ooh Me!!! i want em!

2003-02-22 11:50:34 ET

Oh see, you need an Xbox. Though for the PS2 there is a game called Robotic Alchemic Drive or R.A.D. which I recommend. I think it came out in November of last year.

Plus to top it off that means you could rent a game or a DVD from your local movie store.

2003-02-22 11:51:42 ET

yes , but i don't feel like playing games , i want to go OUTSIDE . I'm not that sick

2003-02-22 11:53:11 ET

Oh, then I suggest you go to a nearby mall and do some window shopping. After that I suggest you get some french fries from McDonalds...no wait. Get some french fries from Wendy's if you can.

2003-02-22 11:55:41 ET

MMMmmmmmmmmmmm wendy's , now i am hungry

2003-02-22 11:57:12 ET

Yay! I sparked some thought on what to do!

2003-02-22 11:58:33 ET

YAY ! *does a happy dance with you *

2003-02-22 12:19:19 ET

Woo!! *dance dance*

In the summer you should go to the beach and smoosh your toes in the wet sand. But that doesn't help right now I don't think.

2003-02-22 12:19:34 ET

Give boogers to Kevin. He wants them.

2003-02-22 12:20:29 ET

Kevin is the one that gave them to me !!!!!!!!!
he is the carries of DISEASE

2003-02-22 12:45:56 ET

ewww!! gross!!!!

feel better vixxy!

2003-02-22 13:54:32 ET

AWW Thanks furax !

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