2003-03-01 11:40:33 ET

So after waiting for like 2 weeks for my make up to get here, It turns out MAC didn't even place my friggin order !
So now i have to go to the actual MAC store and buy my makeup there. You do not know how much i hate going to make-up counters :/ I hate having things thrown at me left and right . Buy this and buy this .. whatever....

2003-03-01 11:44:50 ET

but what if she was the one helping you?

2003-03-01 11:47:37 ET

Its not WHO helps me. ITs going to makeup counters in general. I fear mak up counters and LARGE rats

2003-03-01 11:52:57 ET

hmm, mac doesn't really jump on you when you go in.. theyre much too "cool" for that.. however, the bright-ass fluorescent lights scare the shit out of me :0

2003-03-01 11:55:10 ET

fluorescent lighting brings out the UGLY in everyone. Thats how MAC gets you.

2003-03-01 11:58:16 ET

i've never seen a MAC store before...is that a regional thing?

2003-03-01 12:08:57 ET

and yet the MAC employees manage to look hot in the lighting.. go figure. i bet when they get out into normal daylight they look like they shoved their makeup on with a trowel though. :P

im pretty sure there are MAC stores in nyc, furax. there are a couple here, the nearest being in the glendale galleria. i prefer sephora, less evil lighting and much cheaper.

2003-03-01 13:54:42 ET

Atleast it's MAC makeup and not something else being thrown at you. Like, pickle slices. That would sting if the juice got in your eyes.

2003-03-01 17:55:49 ET

I went to MAC and sephora I bought kick ass eye shadow at sephora. And my powders at MAC in glendale

2003-03-01 21:23:44 ET

Ugh Vixy! Sorry the jerkfaces didn't place your order :/

2003-03-02 04:24:20 ET

Just march right into the store with a list of what you want and just read off of it. Then they can't really try to sell you more.

Also, if MAC lost your order (via an internet purchase), perhaps call them up and bitch them out, and get free shtuff?

2003-03-02 10:34:21 ET

I don't really like bitching people out , mistakes happen and i already got my make-up. There was one really HOt chick at the mac . MEOW . I wish I knew how to apply make-up the way they do :( Anyone want to give me make-up lessons and make me pretty ?

2003-03-02 12:32:07 ET

Vixy is already pretty!

I'm very big at looking at pictures of what people have done (like in magazines) and trying to figure out how they did it. Because really I have no clue how to apply makeup!

2003-03-02 16:01:52 ET

yeah i try that too , but it never works out the same. Maybe my eyes were just not meant for make-up.

2003-03-03 23:26:54 ET

I think you should have a girly slumber party and share your make-up tricks! Don't forget the web-cams!

2003-03-04 20:52:02 ET


2003-03-04 22:18:05 ET

Don't foget the meatballs!

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