2003-03-09 18:36:53 ET

So i went to dungeon last night , I actually had fun >


2003-03-09 19:20:25 ET

That's good to hear. Now you're going to become a regular.

2003-03-10 07:50:19 ET

as I say again....VIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

didja dance??? :D

2003-03-10 17:56:30 ET

no regular buisness. You can dance , you can dance......

2003-03-11 07:25:59 ET

everybody look at your hands :clap clap:

2003-03-11 21:03:39 ET

I am going to be photographing this coming Saturday.

2003-03-11 21:35:22 ET


2003-03-15 13:08:27 ET

OK I'm full of lies. I will not be at dungeon tonight cause of a friends St. Patricks day party.

2003-03-15 13:11:57 ET

hehehehe , i won't be there either `

2003-03-17 21:25:06 ET

Dominatrix Vix! I knew it!!!

2003-03-18 07:26:28 ET

more like in ya dreams, Lore!

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