2003-03-25 20:09:22 ET

okay so for the past 2 weeks things have been busy MArch is a busy month for me.

I have spent lots of time this weekend with <3 kevin <3. I've missed him so much . I hate finals!!! They take him away from me :( So i drove to OC on Sun and Monday to spend time with him and to westwood on Fri.


Looking at my anus is more entertaining than this movie.

2003-03-25 20:21:29 ET

Looking at my anus is more entertaining than this movie.

interesting choice of words

2003-03-25 20:26:38 ET

I don't get what you're saying about Dream Catcher, but looking at your anus sounds mighty entertaining.

2003-03-25 21:04:57 ET

i'd rather pay to see your anus anyway :-P

2003-03-28 17:48:45 ET


2003-04-01 20:51:19 ET

dreamcatcher? i dont think i've even heard of that!

2003-04-01 20:52:48 ET

its like a movie based on one of stephen kings books...

Trust me , be glad you haven't heard about it.

2003-04-01 20:54:10 ET

done and done. though if its that horrible, i might watch it for a good laugh. the same reason i might watch signs. and the same horrible type of movie the ring is

2003-04-01 20:55:08 ET

I actually liked the ring .
Although many seem to disagree with me . :(
I thought it was good !

2003-04-01 20:56:10 ET

ok, watch RINGU the original japanese movie. and you'll understand why 'the ring' is a cheap assed americanized pile of dog shit horror movie. (sorry, but so many things made no sense and rubbed me the wrong way in the ring)

2003-04-01 20:57:25 ET

Is it actually called RINGU ??

2003-04-01 20:59:15 ET

yes it is.. if you watched the dvd version of the ring, there's a trailer for it. it's much creepier, and i think way better made

2003-04-01 20:59:59 ET

HMmm .. i will have to check it out ..

2003-04-01 21:00:41 ET

indeed. it's worth having to read subtitles

2003-04-01 21:01:43 ET

GOD damn it ! i have to READ ??????

2003-04-01 21:03:33 ET

well, you dont HAVE to. i think if you're anything more than a bumbling idiot the movie is done well enough that you can understand what's going on without reading. but it's just nicer to know what's going on with reading it. unless you happen to be fluent in japanese ;)

2003-04-01 21:06:04 ET

DUH , isn't everyone fluent ???
actually i wouldn't really mind having to read it . But usually if its a good movie all together , there is really no need to read the subtitles........................ we will see

2003-04-01 21:07:32 ET

i guess that all depends on your tastes when it comes to scary.
and if you have no understanding of japanese culture then it wont be quite so good.

2003-04-01 22:31:48 ET

I have ringu on DVD. It's somewhat different in motivation than the ring, but many of the scenes are exactly the same.

2003-04-02 05:40:17 ET

it boils down to what movie 'makes sense' and what movie is overall more well done on a 'scary' factor. 'the ring' went way over the top on the whole CGI bit. that always pisses me off.

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