3 pounds of american cheese
2003-04-01 20:51:14 ET

Who wants to make me a an Avatar ! ???

2003-04-01 20:54:30 ET

what kind of avatar do you want?

2003-04-01 20:56:18 ET

Any thing you think is interesting . Make something that make you errrmmm ... think of me when you ummmm... Look at it ?????
Or makes you touch yourself when you think of me while looking at it !

2003-04-06 13:37:40 ET

I met you last night and YAY!

Sorry we couldn't talk much, clubs are bad for that sort of thing. And tell your boyfriend I'm sorry! I wasn't trying to keep him out of the pictures.

2003-04-06 16:48:29 ET

Oh my god , no , thats my best friend ! My boyfriend coudn't go :((

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