I sing the body electric....
2003-04-06 18:07:05 ET

So last night Richard and I went to Dungeon , where i met up with Bractune. Bractune and I have now both decided that we are italian . It has been DECIDED . We will eat nothing but pasta.

Among the numerous cool people there including myself. Were Rustload, predator,Undigit, Heresy Fnord and of course AXO . It was An SK invasion. -sinsation. I wish kevin would have been there but he was too busy studying. :(

I must say i was impressed by the middle aged man dancing his ass off. As i told Undigit, I hope everyone has that much energy at his age. I give him props.

Richard and I had tons of fun. I'm glad I have a best friend like him back in my life. He brings the Mari back out in me. I really need him right now for reasons I can't mention here. But he brings my spirits up. Which is something I truely appreciate , THANK YOU Richard ! if you're even reading this.

2003-04-06 18:34:04 ET

it was neat seeing you last night!

and that IndustroDad was freaking awesome

2003-04-06 18:38:28 ET

It sure was keen !

3 HAWT girls Meow

2003-04-06 20:14:34 ET

it was cool seeing you there last night! i must say i did end up noticing that old guy !! there should be more guys like that.

2003-04-06 21:33:12 ET

It was lovely to see you all! :)

2003-04-06 21:46:00 ET

it was great seeing you as well!!!!!!!

2003-04-06 21:56:43 ET

Ah, I missed out!

2003-04-07 08:01:22 ET

v1, did you DANSE???

2003-04-11 04:35:51 ET

<3 bractune

2003-04-11 19:14:10 ET

Vixaffliction & Bractune
picture courtesy of Heresy Fnord

2003-04-11 19:22:24 ET

damn vixy you are such a beauty
and jason is such a cutie!!
what a great pic!!! :D

2003-04-11 19:28:04 ET

Aww SO are you !!
Jason is adorable . Ou should have heard him singing ! lol
I think I am going to frame the picture ?! hehehe

2003-04-11 19:47:06 ET


2003-04-12 03:28:35 ET

He used to sing over songs when he worked at USC's radio station :)

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