2003-04-09 20:36:44 ET

Someone is whistling very loudly outside.
Its annoying. At least choose a god damn f- Tune !

other than that i'm lonely....
who wants some Vixlovin???

2003-04-09 20:47:00 ET

<---Wants some vixlovin'.<br>
Right here baby, right here.

2003-04-09 20:50:19 ET

right here vix. throw a vegatable at the person who is whistling

2003-04-09 20:51:02 ET

Just don't throw a tomato, that's totally unoriginal-do something like a summer squash.

2003-04-09 20:51:08 ET

i was actually looking for a nice Boot , but soon realized i love all the boots i own

2003-04-09 20:53:11 ET

yes dont throw your boot... throw a cabbage at them

2003-04-10 07:18:50 ET

mmm, V1x, lub me with your boot!

2003-04-10 08:10:58 ET

*throws hands up in excitement*

2003-04-10 17:08:09 ET

WHoooo !!!
I can only handle one of you at a time ..
Who wants to go first ??

2003-04-11 08:07:53 ET

Moi of course.

2003-04-15 00:08:50 ET

hah shoot em!

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