2003-04-20 20:21:27 ET

everytime i log into the chat , NO ONE is in there . WHY ?

2003-04-20 20:23:42 ET


2003-04-20 20:25:20 ET

Yeah, the same thing happens to me.
What the hell is up with that?

2003-04-20 20:27:39 ET

I went in there yesterday and there was a massive amount of people on there. Strange, very strange.

2003-04-20 20:29:15 ET

because someone will come in and see that no one's there and leave, and then someone else will come and they'll have just missed the other person or not want to talk to whoever's in there already. also chat does not work for some people.

that's because syko advertised, heh.

2003-04-20 20:43:37 ET

I used to just sit there and talk to myself til someone entered last year. Though a lot of people would leave when they'd see just me, talking to myself. vasa is in there right now...but he's not responding :(

2003-04-20 20:48:19 ET


2003-04-20 21:24:01 ET

same here

2003-04-20 21:41:28 ET

I think everyone is still out hunting for eggs.

2003-04-21 03:32:44 ET

You have to post that you are IN chat and want to talk to people.

That is what I do.

Just post 'hey I'm in chat, come in and say hi' then people will pour in :)

2003-04-21 17:42:35 ET

thats easy everyone reads your journal ! lol

2003-04-21 17:46:42 ET

they don't, trust me ;)

2003-04-21 17:47:54 ET


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