2003-04-21 18:44:24 ET

Who knows exactly what to put into your hair to make a mohawk and how is it done . I need step by step info !

Reply and you will get one of these:


2003-04-21 18:51:02 ET

this might help a bit:

2003-04-21 19:01:18 ET

I was going to suggest ICE Spiker. It is like glue.

2003-04-21 19:01:27 ET


thanks !

2003-04-21 19:02:43 ET

i know a lot of people that use egg white or elmer glue...glue seems to be the most popular thing to use

2003-04-21 19:03:33 ET


2003-04-21 19:04:40 ET

1. shave all the hair but a strip down the center of the head.
2. bleach and dye the hair purple or green.
3. pour elmer's glue on it and pull it up into a spike.
4. make sure ausp is sleeping when you do all this to him.

2003-04-21 19:05:59 ET

LOL !!

2003-04-21 22:49:44 ET

elmer's school glue.

that washes out. the other stuff doesn't.

2003-04-22 11:43:29 ET

Dude. All you people using glue. Try an actual hair product. ICE Spiker is thicker than school glue and is made for hair.

2003-04-22 17:49:08 ET


2003-04-22 20:35:16 ET

Heresy- all the people I know who've been making their hair vertical since the 70's or 80's swear by the glue method ;).

Or the alternate egg method. But I'm not telling Vixy to put food in her hair.

2003-04-22 20:57:27 ET

Heresy : where can i find this product ?

2003-04-22 20:57:46 ET

Tash : its not for my hair , its for Auspi :D

2003-04-22 21:32:31 ET

Well, in that case!

Raw eggs! And mayonaise! And pickles! Mixed together, works perfectly! ;)

2003-04-23 08:16:01 ET

Vix, it can be found at most salons. Try SuperCuts. That's where I get it from.

2003-04-23 15:57:44 ET

really ? super cuts??? wow , okay !

Aww tasha , auspi loves his hair !

2003-04-23 22:17:39 ET

Here's how Ausp should look if the mohawk is done correctly...

2003-04-24 06:24:29 ET

well...i used to use just plain ol hairspray and a blowdryer...
just use mad spray...hold it up while youre blowdrying it!

2003-04-24 19:38:39 ET

distorted is correct, that is what i sometimes do. but now that im bald i dont do anything :P

2003-04-27 07:59:07 ET

Oh man I can't believe noone else said it (or maybe I missed it), but KNOX gelatin is amazing stuff, you just prepare some, put it in your hair and blow dry it will stay for days and days. You can get it out with warm or hot'll just melt out. Sometimes you need a little conditioner with it. Hah all this may be too late..sorry

2003-05-06 22:54:56 ET

that pic rox lore, :D!!!!!!that cat looks like its gonna kick some ass.

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