ack !
2003-04-26 21:24:11 ET

have you ever had a piece of floss stuck between your teeth , and panicked???

2003-04-26 21:36:16 ET

Yes. But after attacking it with a sewing needle and various thicknesses of thread I eventually got it out.

2003-04-26 21:36:41 ET

that hurts

2003-05-08 20:42:14 ET

that is nuts! man when i was a kid i used to play with tooth pics alot! and i put it in my mouth this way---> | and i couldnt close my mouth and it was stuck!!!! did you ever do that...hahah i call it the crocodile syndrome.

2003-05-08 20:47:21 ET

LOL < OMG I never had that happen. I did think i got my fist stuck in my mouth. I panicked for a good 4 seconds

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