2003-05-08 17:54:24 ET

I have to write a 4 page implant consent form >:/

guess who gets to do it at home ??? Come on Guess !!

2003-05-08 17:59:07 ET

implant consent?

2003-05-08 17:59:33 ET

if its what it sounds like it is...

2003-05-08 18:04:10 ET

why would they have you write a penile implant consent form?

2003-05-08 18:25:28 ET

Its along story. We're doing a new type of implant surgery tomorrow and don't have a consent form for it. We don't realize this till like 15 mins before I have to leave and so... I had to bring it home with me and type it out here. I beasically just have to rewrite an old Implant surgery consent to Fit with this new surgery. I just don't like the fact that its 4 pages long :/

2003-05-09 12:14:20 ET

huh? this is weird... (o_O)

2003-05-09 13:26:04 ET


2003-05-12 23:52:20 ET

don't let them abuse your talents VIX without compensating you!

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