Heresy fnord and the temple of VIX
2003-05-13 21:23:31 ET

Okay lets get this story straight.

Sunday I hung out with heresy fnord. As I was invited to go to starbucks for a free mocha frapaccino. God KNOWS I would never turn that down.

So i drove my sweet ass to his good old pasadena to meet up with him. After starbucks we were stumped. I being Invited expected the invitee to have something to do planned out. Sadly this was not the case. So Heresy said " hey, lets go to the huntington library and take some pictures" Vix: " sure thats sounds fun"

Little did i know i was secretly being taken on one of the longest drives of my life with no destination. HE HAD NO IDEA WHERE HE WAS GOING . So we drove back to pasadena and went to penny lane . Thus ends this adventure.


2003-05-13 21:24:42 ET


2003-05-13 21:24:55 ET

You almost let me run out of GAS! I was on EMPTY!

2003-05-13 21:28:12 ET

what ???? i'm the one that told you , you were running out of gas !

2003-05-13 22:03:13 ET


2003-05-13 22:33:50 ET

heh, how sad !

2003-05-13 22:57:32 ET

sounds like fun to me... i wanna go!!

2003-05-14 05:45:45 ET

Haha, Jeremy.. That's so funny. At least you two had fun.

And I was in that Penny Lane three weeks ago!

2003-05-14 07:26:21 ET

you dorks, Huntington Library is on HUNTINGTON!!!

2003-05-14 08:19:56 ET

Axo - Yeah she FINALLY suggested we go to Huntington, which I did. We drove way down huntington to NO AVAIL. I'm pretty sure she had us going in the wrong direction.

2003-05-14 08:21:22 ET

Sin - If only Penny Lane had more good stuff.

2003-05-14 08:28:13 ET

there's always a cell phone and the numbers 411...or a friendly gas station. ;) I was at Huntington on Sunday, ya know...maybe it was the Axo-V1x Repulsion Effect?

2003-05-14 17:07:44 ET

i think it was Axo , we always seem to be heading the to the same places and never see each other . WEIRD

2003-05-14 17:09:01 ET

Vix I'm going to Matrix tonight. Wish you could go!

2003-05-14 17:09:56 ET

:( no can do HF .i'm seeing it friday with B/F

2003-05-14 17:10:48 ET

Curse you B/F! Curse yooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...

No just kidding, I'll rant and rave about it when I get home. Either that or it will suck.

2003-05-14 17:12:05 ET

DO NOT Tell me if it sucks . I want to see it and find out for myself. I dig Keanu and his airheaded ways anyway.

2003-05-14 17:18:35 ET

WAIT , whatever, I had no one going in the wrong direction , AT least i remembered where it was and didn't think it was in back of my house . LOL

MAN, I would So do Keanu

And since everyone is saying sounds like fun , blah blah . I call for an SK meet .
Axo lets get this SK hike thing going !

2003-05-15 07:34:49 ET

it'll have to be on a Sunday sometime. :) Which mountains? Tujunga, Angeles Crest, or down in the Chino Hills area? Those are the nearest ones...going out to Malibu Creek is rather far.

2003-05-15 08:27:30 ET

I'm taking my bike.

Oh and the movie.

FUCKING AWESOME. That's just me though...

2003-05-15 16:18:49 ET

That place where theres the water fall in pasadena. that way its close by. I forgot its name .. grrr

* pops tires on Fnords bike *

2003-05-15 17:41:29 ET

hey! that's Tire Murder!

2003-05-15 17:46:29 ET

hehehehe ... that wasn't me ..... * whistles *

2003-05-16 07:23:35 ET

not Switzer Falls? or the thing up Hill or Lake???

2003-05-16 11:20:11 ET

She wants to go to the waterfall that has no water. As I recall from the description it's just a large rock.

2003-05-16 11:20:36 ET


2003-05-17 11:52:55 ET

FINE AXO , you decide . I show up . And just for that I'm draggind HF with me , full walk . NO stinky bikes allowed. IN high heels !

2003-05-17 15:50:01 ET

Wow! You'll wear high heels? And I don't even have to do anything? You'll just drag me around. That's great. I'll find a big net and you can get to dragging. ;)

(I don't mind if we go to the big rock waterfall, Axo is just mean)

2003-05-17 16:31:57 ET

i think she means you'll wear the high heels

2003-05-18 21:33:48 ET

Oh my, I was at the Huntington last Sunday too. $10 to get in. It was cool though. Since I was with a speedwalker like myself, I looped the whole place in under an hour and even saw Pinky and Blue Boy.

2003-05-18 21:35:54 ET

DAmn it ! everyone was there last week !!

2003-05-18 21:47:10 ET

I didn't see Axo or anyone though. Of course, I had no idea anyone I knew would be there.

2003-05-19 09:56:35 ET

whoaza! Huntington synchronicity! We should schedule a return trip! Lore, you didn't see the special gothic sign I left in the William Blake exhibit? :P

I'll go to the big rock waterfall, sheesh! :P

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