2002-06-10 18:22:42 ET

I am now on Antibiotics

2002-06-10 18:37:40 ET

awww, i am, too. Damn 10 day Antibiotic Hell is almost done....
Get better, Vix.

2002-06-10 18:39:58 ET

i <3 antibiotics

2002-06-10 18:47:04 ET

I hate antibiotics, i have never taken any before

2002-06-10 18:52:51 ET

they kill biotics...evil biotics grr :-P

2002-06-10 19:06:17 ET

Mmmm Antibiotics...

2002-06-10 20:32:01 ET

My cat has been on these for a while...grrrr

2002-06-10 20:44:05 ET

on antibiotics?

2002-06-11 05:06:14 ET

I wanna get me some Unclebiotics.

2002-06-11 07:40:06 ET

yes, catabiotics. :( poor little guy, I had to shoot him every other day with a big needle

2002-06-11 09:59:32 ET

ack ! what was wrong with the little fellow ?

2002-06-11 10:07:21 ET

urinary tract infection, and I'm not sure the ordeal is over. Mildly worried about him.

2002-06-11 10:18:56 ET

poor kitty :( i heard tract infections hurt like hell .
I'm glad i don't have one

damn, I want a kitty so badly... I need an antibiotic pill popper partner

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