electric shock
2003-05-28 20:13:00 ET

Yes, i got taken by the oldest trick in the book today. I got shocked at work with a fake pen .HEhehe . Was that ever funny. ZZZZZZZZZAPPPP!

I feel like i have no money, yet i cashed 3 checks yesterday. OOOOOOooo on another note , I went to PINKS with Bractune and Lore. FUN I got to watch both of them eat the MAtrix reloaded hotdog . 3 weiner, tons of bacon , chili cheese and a bunch of other crap. I might post pictures. (I now have a digital camera, a good one ! )

I've also been feeling ugly lately. I need to do somethin with my hair. I must cut it .Dye it , streak it SOMETHING. I'm tired of this , this is the longest I have ever gone with single color hair , ITs been 7 months . I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE !!

that is all..........

2003-05-28 20:29:32 ET

Vix, you're not ugly! You were almost as good looking as the Matrix Reloaded Dog!

2003-05-28 20:42:08 ET

the meatball reloaded?

2003-05-28 22:40:42 ET

hold onto that pen long enough and maybe all your hair will beautifully stand on end making you the bride of sir frankenstein ;-P

2003-05-28 22:47:59 ET

omg. your so pretty. although i know how you feel. i want to mohawk it . :p

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