2003-05-31 10:27:24 ET

I Am going to go cut my hair,,..... right now !

2003-05-31 10:36:03 ET


i was just thinking of doing thesame.

but i have to go to work.

2003-05-31 11:27:56 ET

Good luck!

2003-05-31 11:30:45 ET

ihave to find a hair style , I just called and my appt. is at 4 ..... :( i don't know what i want , i just want the dead stuff gone

2003-05-31 11:32:06 ET

You ever seen Ivy from Soul Caliber on the Dreamcast? She has this ice white hair and it's hot.

2003-05-31 11:32:58 ET

LOL , ITS A CUT ... i'm going to have someone else dye it , I don't trust this place when it come to dying hair. .. I have no idea what she looks like

2003-05-31 11:33:31 ET

Well her hair is cute too.

2003-05-31 11:33:46 ET

hmmm.. Picture ??

2003-05-31 11:42:46 ET

2003-05-31 11:43:59 ET

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!! everyone keeps showng me pictures of A lines... everyone and their mother has an A line .. LOL

hehehehe * thanks for helping though * hugs*

2003-05-31 11:46:42 ET

Is that what that is called? I just think her ice white hair is hot, and it's a good cut.

2003-05-31 11:47:38 ET

Hey look, I just found an Ivy toy too. There's pictures there too:


2003-05-31 11:47:51 ET

yeah , my hair is past my shoulder right now , so i am thinking of something sort of mid length ??? mid neck ?

2003-05-31 11:48:59 ET

That IS mid neck, is it not?

2003-05-31 11:50:13 ET

i thought is was super short in the back and the fron was to her chin. Maybe i wasn't looking at the right picture

2003-05-31 11:51:20 ET

WOW , her HOoters are HUGE

2003-05-31 11:51:44 ET

Go to the second link I posted and look at Photo 2. It stops around her mid neck.

2003-05-31 11:52:13 ET

Video game girls always have big boobies. She is teh hot.

2003-05-31 11:53:28 ET

Come Vixy, join us on the dark side!

2003-05-31 11:53:57 ET

HMmm . i don't know , looks chin length to me .

2003-05-31 11:54:31 ET


2003-05-31 15:35:27 ET

I just got back ! I looks SO cute !

2003-05-31 19:18:03 ET


2003-05-31 19:24:00 ET

Yes! We must see the new Vixy hair!

2003-06-01 16:39:07 ET


2003-06-01 18:24:07 ET

pictures pleaseee vix.

2003-06-01 19:24:13 ET

okay 3 pictures of my hair in the gallery , Hurry ! they may be taken down SOON

2003-06-01 19:27:51 ET

i slept on it , so its not quite the way the style is supposed to be , but i bought stuff for it today ! I didn't really own any hair gel. Just hairspray hehe

2003-06-02 16:27:07 ET


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