2003-06-02 19:57:24 ET

my throat is dry, yet i don't feel sick
I cough and I clear it.. its stinks
I've brushed my teeth and tongue and the roof of my mouth 5 times today. Sickness ..... i hate disease.

If thats what it is , or plans on being.

Drinking juice does NOT help.

I have no one to come home to... I have no one to pet and love. Le mew........

My hair is still not done. Round 2 : white chunks ? When ?
When i find someone good enough to do it.


yesterday: put in new rug , in the process broke my moms Huge frame in the living and made her fish tank explode. I coudn't help but laugh. 30 gallons just bursting. My mom screaming " My FISH , SOmeone SAVE my FISH !! " hehehehe
All fishies are safe and swimming in a bucket. Thats the last time i ever lean a couch on a frame or fish tank. * looks around innocently*

2003-06-02 20:00:20 ET

you should try some loose white extensions in your hair

10000x better than killing it with bleach/toner

2003-06-02 20:03:44 ET

i hope you feel better !

2003-06-02 20:04:16 ET

Hmmmm... good idea rust.

2003-06-02 20:08:07 ET

from what I've heard... obtaining a pure white is ridiculously hard. A friend of mine tried it with bleach and then dyed over it with what is basically old lady white hair dye and it didn't turn out so well. Definitely something to try with a pro if you like it.

2003-06-02 20:12:43 ET

oh i am going to a pro but i'm going to search first . I know of one that actually one that actually has done it . But i have to go in and check him out first , i'm not going to just jump right in , he doesn't us old lady hair dye , its a special semi - perm dye bye i forgot whom...

2003-06-02 20:15:51 ET

the old lady white hair dye you speak of is toner, which is used to take the yellow hues out of hair. that's pretty much the only way to get your natural hair pure white, plus a ton of bleaching with 40vol of course. :| if you only want streaks then i'd say extensions are the way to go

2003-06-02 20:17:22 ET

yes, honestly, fake hair is always a better option than super dried out frizz hair. I found that out the hard way when i was younger : \

2003-06-02 20:20:03 ET

wanna do the rust ?

2003-06-02 20:59:57 ET

I would also recommend the fake hair- I tried to go white once.

It was not pretty.

2003-06-04 20:41:37 ET

Take some Zinc!!!

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