2002-06-11 20:27:45 ET

I feel so much better ! , i woke up this morning and i didn't have a sore throat anymore. i have somewhat of a running nose but that is about it, No more sneezing.
For some reason I keep remember that episode of the simpsons where homers mom lets out antibiotics it Mr. Burns Bio chemicals Lab and accidently cures chief Wiggim of his acne and asthma "wah (snort ) wah"

2002-06-11 20:33:44 ET

yay for antibiotics and lack of sicknesses!

you know, you always walk out of chat a minute before i come back to check on it :/ this time i was drafting pants!

2002-06-11 21:00:30 ET

ack ! i was making myself some new address labels .. I have to keep myself busy, no Kevin this week .. And I also have to stay up till 12 to take my medicine

2002-06-12 22:58:22 ET



2002-06-13 18:34:21 ET

hey, you shouldn't be sick, it's summer time!!

2002-06-13 18:45:28 ET

It seems i get sick anytime the weather changes :(

2002-06-13 20:40:04 ET

look, it's an all-LA thread! ;)

2002-06-13 20:41:50 ET

WOO HOO !!!!
*weaves the thread into yarn *
*weaves yarn into socks *
*gives them to Axo *

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