Gruss Aus Der Schweiz
2003-06-09 20:04:10 ET

I got a post card from bractune in the mail today .
He's in switzerland right now. Post card goes as follows :


hello from switzerland
having a great time .
I can't stop thinking about your fine ass.
I think you would love switzerland because they have TONS of cheese.
I Hate DAs Fool


This was very exciting for me. This is the first time i have ever gotten a post card ! :D

2003-06-09 20:43:08 ET

you have never ever gotten a postcard? Wow that is trippy. I should send Bractune some nude pics of my ass. He might like that.

2003-06-09 21:13:59 ET

I"ve never sent him pictures of my ass. I think he might have seen it when i was getting into his car though.

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