Even Insects get tans.....
2003-06-22 16:22:48 ET

I went to the beach early this morning, It was a good day, not to many people there which was good. I hate crowds to be honest. Pictures to come....

2003-06-22 17:47:54 ET

Pictures of Vix in a bikini!!! *drool*

2003-06-22 18:01:24 ET

umm, no bikini

2003-06-22 20:50:12 ET

Did you see any guys in speedos?

2003-06-23 12:45:11 ET

did you get a tan? Oh my gosh.. I can't imagine you with a non-ghosty white skin tone! :o

2003-06-23 17:40:24 ET

hehehe , no tan . For some reason i just never do , no matter how long i stay in the sun . And i went at 8 am , its overcast out here and not very sunny at all

2003-06-23 17:41:11 ET

Lore ! dear god there was this whale of a man with a pair of speedos on size x-small.

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