2002-03-31 18:44:34 ET

woooo hooo !!! went to disneyland yesterday ... PRE b-day fun ! Got lots of cool gifts from my b/f ... he even made me a cake all by himself * swoons* It was the cutest thing ever , he even made the icing from scratch. He makes me melt !

2002-03-31 18:50:57 ET

well that was sweet (woo i made a pun!)

2002-03-31 19:00:13 ET

awwww he made you a cake???
and making icing isn't all that easy, either!!

2002-03-31 19:05:02 ET

aaawwww, how adorable!

happy birthday vixy!!

2002-03-31 19:18:28 ET

i went to disneyland in october....cinderella's a bitch **nods**
all the other princesses were all sweet and nice....cinderella looked at me funny and wouldn't get close to me when we were taking a picture :(

2002-03-31 19:28:05 ET

It was adorable !!! He gave me lots of neat Monsters Inc toys ! He even had necklaces specially made for me * beems* TO SWEET !
His parents and his brother along with his g'f gave me stuff to , which made me feel odd... i felt like hiding , everyone kept staring at me and what not. Where's a rock when you need one?

Come to think of it I didn't see and characters that day. Wait, i did see the back of woody's head * nods*

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