oh my goodness......*blushies*
2002-06-15 00:32:20 ET

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2002-06-15 11:36:16 ET

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booo :(

2002-06-15 15:34:01 ET

yeh whut was up with that whole candian midget thingy?

damm americans.

2002-06-15 18:06:10 ET

yeah really eh

2002-06-15 20:21:11 ET

blah i think i am ditched. officially. well maybe not. it is only 10 pm.

i think my friends is still out at the site setting up tents.

there is this big solstice party. alll fukken lame djs tho!...i would sooo go if it was bands. ah well.. wooooooot galen juss called me i am off to tha bar.

2002-06-16 08:09:34 ET

hehe word, don't get too trashed!

2002-06-16 10:33:42 ET

oh my goodness i got waaay too thrashed.

uuggggg. i had a wikked sexy outfit on tho. hahaha

2002-06-16 13:09:17 ET

heheh word

2002-06-16 14:17:30 ET

yeh i kno.....someone said i looked like a kittie groupie.

hahaha hhhh small town close minded ppl.

2002-06-16 18:18:25 ET

what! kittie kicks the llama's ass..=P

2002-06-16 18:21:13 ET

is that good or bad?

2002-06-17 07:38:40 ET

i was kidding...kittie sucks... but i'm sure you looked good

2002-06-17 10:02:10 ET

hahaha oh ok.

i wasnt too sure. yeh i like one or 2 of there songs.

but i think they are too showcases and hollywoood. i like l7 n bikini kill.

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