2002-06-20 11:10:58 ET

juss got cds in da mail from columbia house.

i think i will quit soon. i got all the cds i wanted. there other choices suck a$$.

today i recieved.

ben folds five ~ reinhold messner

esthero ~ breath from another

sonic youth ~ a thousand leaves

save ferris ~ it means everything (replacing stolen one)

belle & sebastian ~ the boy with the arab strap

sloan ~ twice removed

uhh yeh so there.

2002-06-20 16:05:31 ET

that ben folds album is great
so is the sloan one... so... there!
but i already have them, so all i gots to say is...copy cat!!

2002-06-20 16:17:46 ET

yeh i love da sonic youth one. (naturally)

but i wanna have everything you have. copying is a form of compliment. *pouts*

so there! *sticks out tounge*

2002-06-20 20:03:19 ET

oh, well then *blushes*

2002-06-20 20:44:20 ET

*pinches yer cheek*

oOoOoOo whut cheek did i pinch tho.

tee hee

2002-06-20 20:52:36 ET

ooo eheheh

2002-06-20 21:08:23 ET

did your aunts / grandmas. ever do that.

mine didnt.

2002-06-20 21:41:45 ET

naw, never

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