sk bitches are funny.
2002-06-24 13:52:55 ET

they talk the talk.

and when someone makes a comment that might be a bit true n you shut them up they erase your post n block you from further commenting in there journal.

people are funny.

2002-06-25 07:22:31 ET

which bitch would you be referring to?

2002-06-25 07:46:50 ET

2002-06-25 07:47:50 ET

fuck em if they cant take a joke

2002-06-25 07:48:01 ET

one in paticular. but i dont want to start a fight.

not j00 renn you are kewl. +)

2002-06-25 14:34:10 ET

phew..for a minute i was
i understand tho..i of course dont know the story, but been there
free speech isnt a privalage, its a fucking right

2002-06-25 14:54:54 ET

naw you are bizzomb grrl.

2002-06-25 15:01:42 ET

right on..bizzomb grrls stick together hell ya

2002-06-25 15:02:11 ET

like the goo on tape!

2002-06-26 09:07:54 ET

i like the smell of tape

2002-06-26 09:08:31 ET

i like putting some on my fingertips.

it tickles in a rilly odd way.

2002-06-26 09:09:20 ET

lol very odd, but amusing

2002-06-26 09:12:52 ET


its like the odd felling that you want to go away yet you still do it.

like........hmmmmm i kno there are others.


2002-06-26 09:16:08 ET

cotton balls
ripping them apart

2002-06-26 09:17:57 ET


2002-06-26 09:18:26 ET

i hate dirty bandaids

2002-06-26 09:20:38 ET


did you see my site before. it diff now.

i change it alot.

almost as much as my hair.

2002-06-26 09:24:34 ET

same here, but never my site
my iam one changes twice a month
and *sniff* i had to dye my hair back to the norm

2002-06-26 09:25:30 ET

oh no why?

i absolutly love it.

you are beautiful. i love the matching eyebrows too.

2002-06-26 09:26:43 ET

haha thank you!
i got a job of a lifetime, and
im growing it out for dreadlocks again

2002-06-26 09:28:00 ET

nice...i wanted those.

but i think i will juss grow it out nicely n take extra good care of it.

i cut off about 20 inces or more.

2002-06-26 09:29:37 ET

for real..thats pyscho..ive never had 20 inches of hair, unless you count armpit hair..uh..i mean..

2002-06-26 09:30:35 ET


i almost spit my water out when i read that.

i think it was 20 inces.

hmmmmmm. lemme czech.

2002-06-26 09:33:02 ET

lol the funniest was my friend who came up to me one day and told me that peoples pubic hair was always the color of their nuff said right there

2002-06-26 09:37:14 ET

wah? is that true?..........i never thought of that before. i kno alot of blonde girls apparently have black pubic hair but redheads have red.

now i am rilly confuzzled.

yeh and actually my hair was 27 inches.


2002-06-26 09:39:45 ET

lol, im not sure acutally, he was just bugging me and incinuating that i had pink ones

2002-06-26 09:40:39 ET

some ppl do that.

i would be too scared too. i have heard of red heart shaped one.


2002-06-26 09:41:08 ET

did he say.

"do the curtains match the rug"

i hate it when boiz say that.


2002-06-26 12:45:44 ET

ive heard of a green(dyed lets hope) christmas tree one

2002-06-26 12:57:46 ET


that is horrid.

*runs away n hides*

2002-06-26 13:03:19 ET


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