2002-06-24 23:44:41 ET

Are you NASTY or NICE?

Quiz made by Angela

2002-06-24 23:56:19 ET

Mmmmmmm...Ayumi Hamasaki

I like her music.

2002-06-24 23:59:26 ET

dont think i have heard it actually.

2002-06-25 00:00:10 ET

I think she's on the front lines of the Japanese pop scene right now. Her songs sound cool and she has a pretty voice.

2002-06-25 00:00:58 ET

nice nice.

i wish i had a music program still to look it up.

2002-06-25 00:02:26 ET

You need to bust out some Kazaa...

2002-06-25 00:03:08 ET

Then again, the RIAA is kinda trying to shut down all the p2p clients...


I say, down with the bastards...put them in diapers and make them cry.

2002-06-25 00:03:22 ET

no there is spyware on there and a virus or something.

2002-06-25 00:05:52 ET

There are ways to remove the spyware if you have the time, though.

I used to use Audiogalaxy. But, the RIAA...and...*bursts into tears*

I miss it as if it were a dear family member...music is a big part o' me life

2002-06-25 00:07:09 ET

yeh i used that too.

it just went offline right?

2002-06-25 00:10:18 ET

It didn't go offline...they just placed copyright restrictions on damn near all of the songs.

2002-06-25 00:13:16 ET

poo to them.


2002-06-25 00:13:59 ET


Hello, new friend! Weeeee.

2002-06-25 00:16:03 ET


but i must go to sleep.

have fun.

2002-06-25 05:37:14 ET

mmm...Ayumi Hamasaki

*wants to have sexual intercourse with her*

her music is good though also

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