2002-06-26 00:12:30 ET

jusstah watched umm...dracula 2000.

was a good laugh....i promised myself i was going to sleep early and look i am still awake at 2 am.

i should be spanked for such bad behavior!

2002-06-26 00:55:38 ET

sleep is bliss.

2002-06-26 07:18:27 ET

i volunteer myself to punish you...

2002-06-26 07:20:29 ET


2002-06-26 07:23:41 ET

whats your background picture of your journal box? i'm guessing a steering wheel? hhaa

2002-06-26 07:25:34 ET

why yes indeed it is.

ever have to do those in school.. a complete magnafied pic of some randon object and you would have to guess whut it was?

2002-06-26 07:31:33 ET


but i guessed right

2002-06-26 07:33:25 ET

you should get a prize!

i usually give out cookies. or a medal.

but i have no transportation device.

it broke. +(

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