2002-06-26 07:31:44 ET


my funny dog woke my up this morn.

you would think after head buttin a door 10 million times and it doesnt open you would stop.

awww but i love him just the way he is.

i think since i am awake so early i may take him for a walk...my vinyl is suppose to arrive today....woo hooooo.

imma try to attemp more of my BOOTY gabber mixes.

booty breakz n booty jungle i thought were orig. until i found a bunch somewhere. ah well i always wanted GABBER BOOTY.

so we shall see how it all workz out.

2002-06-26 08:11:31 ET


2002-06-26 08:51:55 ET

aww j00 4r3 5\/\/337

2002-06-26 08:53:37 ET

what was that??

2002-06-26 08:54:41 ET


my bad. j00 4r3 5\/\/337 = you are sweet.

2002-06-26 08:55:15 ET

oh i see

2002-06-26 08:56:16 ET


yeh i am a typo n ebonics freek.

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