2002-06-26 09:35:08 ET

i am soo bad.

i have been stealing soo many ppls backgounds. i dont use them i juss like to have them to make collages n stuff.

and i have a hard time finding alot of stuff ppl have.

i still search for a BeDazzler. i need to buy one!

whut else.......hmmm oh yeh amazon.com now has a canidian site! woo hoooo altho i checked it out and it kinda sucks. but it just launched today.

la la la made a big pot of kd. yumm!.

now i feel a bit ill. damm why must i get heartburn n reflux from every single thing i eat or drink. mom thought i was anorexic or bulimic cuz of the fact i never eat or throw up alot.

but i told her it was becuz when i do eat i get mad sick and i throw up cuz eating makes me sick. so i am going to go to the doctor AGAIN. only to have him turn me away again. its good to have the best doctor in town, but not good to go and see him when he has alot of patients that day.

i always feel rushed. but yes this stomach thing is getting out of hand.

2002-06-26 09:38:45 ET

i have a personal disliking towards most doctors. ive seen about a million point 5 of them and im not even living on my own yet.

2002-06-26 09:40:01 ET

oh no why is that.

i have only ever had 2......and the current one has known me for a loooooooooong time.

he is a wicket one.

very personable.

2002-06-26 12:47:05 ET

because ive seen too many, when i was little, i was really sick. and lately, the doctors around here are just not nice

2002-06-26 12:59:19 ET

thats too bad. yeh like i said i have known my doc since forver.

but the good thing mean docs is you can scam them out of presciptions.

2002-06-26 17:07:20 ET

i wish

2002-06-26 18:36:28 ET

i need to find a doc that just doesnt care.

and shut my up by filling me with pills.

2002-06-27 12:20:27 ET


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