2002-06-27 19:16:19 ET


*pullz out hair*

aram is a fukker.....his girlfriend had to work tonight and we made all these plans to go out and meet up with our friend tyler, cuz he is leaving back for alberta tomoorw.

and i got all excited (cuz we made up) and got ready n dresse dup....then he just fukken called me and cancelled cuz he says he doesn't wanna drive that far.


and now i cant get ahold of anyone else cuz they are already there waiting for us. i have no money for a cab.

this sucks. i think imma cry. i have had such a shitty day as it is. fukk all my friends.

blah blah blah.

ok thats enough. bye. *is a sad lil grrl*

2002-06-27 19:20:06 ET

awww, that fucking sucks.

2002-06-27 20:02:24 ET

yeh i kno.

this is why i never go out.

bullshit like this always happens. and then my friends wonder why i dont go out.

hah. i think imma drink myself to sleep. and watch the sopranos.

2002-06-27 20:13:29 ET

cheer up! *gives candy*

2002-06-27 22:04:38 ET

awww thankies hun.

2002-06-28 09:38:58 ET

what a fucking loser face.

2002-06-28 10:06:11 ET

yeh i kno.

and now for some reason i feel like my whole weekend is ruined.

i feel like staying home all weekend.

2002-06-28 13:53:05 ET

oh man, ive soo been there*hugs*
grrr..i feel for you

2002-06-28 13:56:19 ET

yeh and this weekend is jamm packed with events n possibble excitment.

which rarely happens here.

hmmmm i guess i will see how i feel inna bit.

thanks. i hate being like this.

2002-06-28 16:53:11 ET

hugs an hugs

2002-06-28 18:01:03 ET


my best friend (galen) is bein a dork.

he has been cpompletely ignoring me and my calls.

i dont understand. this really sucks he is spinng at a club tonight and hasn't even told me. wont call me.

i kno i am soo looking too much into this.

but i am hella confused. fukkk why do i have to live in this town with these assholes. i want friends like me.

and i want close friends who give a fuck.

blah blah blah.

this is what happens to me when i go out. i get dissapointed and stressed an complain.

sorry guys. it will soon stop.

2002-06-29 10:54:17 ET

no man...thats exactly what i feel too. this place blows goat ass

2002-06-29 11:04:54 ET


blah. i wanna move somewhere with a wicket vinyl store. i need new rekkidz!

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