2002-07-03 08:23:59 ET

no thankz.

i said no thankz.

blah ok then.

just make it and give me heartburn so i can barly walk the rest of the day.

while you're at it make me fat.


why do mothers intend on feeding their children unbearable food.

well then again any food is unbearable. if i even drink water n bread sometimes i get mad reflux.

i should just not eat anymore.

i always wanted to live of supplements.

i think i will order out and go on my shard n shots diet.


2002-07-03 08:46:45 ET

parents are like that, My mother was very schozo in her approach to cuisine spar-ribs one day, fish in cambells soup the next (very 70's cdn thing) and boiled hotdogs another day.

it kept life interesting and that is all you can ask.

2002-07-03 08:47:51 ET


fish in cambells soup?

hmmm never evere heard of that before.

meybee i am too far north.

2002-07-03 08:51:25 ET

oh yeah, She woud take those frozen Highliner blocks of fish, put them in a casserole dish and pour a can of some sort of campells cream soup over it, very very 70's and not one that I have ever bothered to recreate in my house.

2002-07-03 08:55:48 ET


oh my sounds very very heartburn creating.

yeh here ppl eat alot of meat. and i mean alot.



all that northern stuff.

2002-07-03 09:05:06 ET

errrr, never really got the fascination with Salmon, smoked and on a bagel yes, otherwise I am more of a steak and chips sort.

2002-07-03 09:06:24 ET

yeh i dont like it either.

that whole bagel biz.

isn't that a new york thing.

i am more a pasta person.


2002-07-03 09:11:52 ET

a "new york thing" funny.

No it is a urban thing, especially in the part of the industry where I got started, and got hooked on them.

2002-07-03 09:20:10 ET

oh i dunno.

i just heard that alot of pl in new york favor them.

remeber i am an outdated eskimo.


2002-07-03 09:35:19 ET

toronto has some nice bagel specialty shops especially in the burbs

2002-07-03 09:40:43 ET

ah yes.

one day i shall go there.

always wanted to.

is that where you live?

2002-07-03 09:45:58 ET

well i do not live in that part of the burbs I live about 15 mins drive from north of that part of the city.

2002-07-03 10:09:13 ET


i live in whitehorse, yukon.


2002-07-03 11:08:14 ET

thats bloody far away from bagel land.

2002-07-03 11:09:42 ET

haha yes it is.

ever been?

2002-07-03 11:18:02 ET

sorry but no chance in hell, I get nervous enough flying over winnipeg. That place scares me. It has three seasons, winter, flood and summer (3 days in july).

I will stick to the humidity of t.dot and its surroundings.

I have been to a few other places, Vancouver, it is wicked my brother just finished university at ubc, that is a nice town but there is no action, no motion and commotion in the city, i need my angry city drivers and international cuisine of the city.

2002-07-03 11:28:55 ET


are youon crack.

no commotion and no action in vancouver.

uhhhh.... i think you are sorely mistaken james.

but vancouver is one of candas most hectic and busyy cities.

as for commotion there are alot of crimes and so on.

i don't know where you are getting your news from mah dear.

2002-07-03 11:55:30 ET

A different sort of action, I am a trader (equities/fixed Income etc.) that is the sort of action i am talking about.

I am not talking about the street-walkers on west hastings or whatever.

The town does not have a lot of movers and shakers, people that make things happen.

When i was in Vancouver it felt as if there were not enough people. I am used to line-ups wherever I go and they rarely had people waiting.

don't get me wrong it is a nice city but I went past the stock exchange three times before I realized that it was there, that is all.

2002-07-03 12:02:18 ET


oh ok.

i was a bit confuzzled.

i thought you were going crazeee.

2002-07-03 17:29:48 ET

i am going crazy today. i scribbled this long poem sort of, and posted it on my wall. i laughed with a sandwich, and threw onions at my boss' face.

2002-07-03 18:41:23 ET





2002-07-04 14:28:06 ET

uh..im serious..she called me this morn, and told me she"didnt need me" well i was at work for 6 hours..look who came crawling back to the wrath of chelsey!!! *shakes fist* muahahahahaha...bitch

2002-07-04 14:32:24 ET


oph my

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