2002-07-03 12:16:34 ET

oh my.

i am agoin absolutely crazereee.

not knowing if josh (love of my life) if truly back in town or not.

i have no idea whut to say if i see him.

hah he probably won't even remeber me or something.

i am sooo bloated today it sucks.

i rilly need to go and see my doc soon and see if i have an ulcer or something.

but i am runnin round pullin myhair out n goin nutz.

i think i might go to the bar tommorw.

cuz i have a feeling that if he is here he will be there.

2002-07-03 12:28:26 ET

everything will be alright hunny....xo

2002-07-03 12:51:07 ET

i hope so.

i am driving myself nuts.


2002-07-03 15:31:39 ET

go to bar, go to bar, what else do you gots to lose =) im sure when you see him you will be relieved...

2002-07-03 16:23:53 ET


but also i don't want to be too obvious.

yah kno.

2002-07-03 16:42:38 ET

so just tell him you know this guy in kansas city and how much ya like him and stuff and make him want you more thru jealousy


2002-07-03 17:20:36 ET

hey...just out of curiosity..what is the background of your entries? my friend thinks its a seat of a car...

2002-07-03 17:20:53 ET



i am soo bloated tho.

sooo uncomfy.

gawd i hate this day.

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