2002-07-03 21:18:09 ET

oh my fukken gawd.

i forgot my moms b day.

i never evere have forgotten it before.

it would be find if it was just me.

but my brother and my dada forgot too.!!!!!!!

this is hardcore.

there was a big family dinner tonight and everyone had presents for her.

i feel soo bad i am crying.

pls help me out. wtf do i do.

2002-07-04 05:58:24 ET

ive done this before...just be honest with her. mom, i forgot and i am really sorry...then make it up to her.

2002-07-04 05:59:14 ET

how do i make it up tho.

i feel like the worst kidd ever.

2002-07-04 06:53:20 ET

cook her dinner, clean the house, take her out to eat, do sumthin like that....

2002-07-04 06:59:21 ET

well actually she is going out of town.

for some trip my uncle planned.

everyone went all out.

and i feel extra bad now.

i thik i am going out now to find a present.

2002-07-04 07:32:52 ET

just tell "DAmn UPS! they are never on time" and have something for her next week

2002-07-04 09:58:41 ET

i bought her a mushy card n perfume.

i was goin to get her flowers.

but she is goin out of town and wouldnt have time to enjoy them.

2002-07-04 10:00:16 ET

have the flowers there as a surprise when she gets back

2002-07-04 10:00:39 ET

yes yes.

good idea.

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