2002-07-06 01:16:31 ET


too many coronas.

saw wickect junglist friends.

smoked weed.

some 13 yr old grrl slapped me.

got a ride home.

actually said "i'm with the dj"

got a ride.

ate food.

time for bed.


2002-07-06 08:10:49 ET

0.o did you slap her back?

2002-07-06 12:01:57 ET

why did a 13 year old girl slap you in the first place?

2002-07-06 13:47:09 ET

i have no clue.

she was some drunk floozy.

i think she thought i was someone else.

i didnt slap her back.

becuz thats just wrong.


2002-07-06 14:34:42 ET

AH. drunk at 13. wtf???

2002-07-06 15:10:22 ET

hahah yeh i kno.

she was wearing some cheap tight halter.....and a huge assed gut hanging out.....and red lipstick smeared across her face.

just out of a trailor trash movie.

i was a bit scared cuz i think she had a knife too.

i just walked the other way.

but she was flowwing me and shit.

then my boys got her taken away.

whut a fekkin tart!

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