2002-07-06 16:46:16 ET


ordered pizza.

had a shower.

go back to sleep.

watch hedwig and the angry ich.

get ready.

go out with "the dj" again.

make fun of townies.

come home and sleep.

blah hahaha why do i keep writing my updates liek this.

i am a crackhead. bloop blah bleep.

meybee i will get slapped by a 12yr old tonight.


2002-07-06 17:08:23 ET

lay off the drugs...seriously


2002-07-06 17:12:55 ET

k i will try.


i think i would be a horrid crackhead.

i mean if i am like this today.

blah nm....i am soo not making sense.

2002-07-06 21:29:31 ET

no shit? lol

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