i always lose things.
2004-04-13 13:57:58 ET

like the html codes for postying links and pictures???

last time i ask i swear. i gottah show you the new things i just ordered.

2004-04-13 14:06:21 ET

one last try


2004-04-13 14:10:56 ET

without the "&"

2004-04-13 14:16:42 ET


stoopid site wont let me get the properties.

2004-04-13 14:18:54 ET

what site?

2004-04-13 14:24:45 ET

a skate company site.

2004-04-13 15:59:33 ET

what's the link? Maybe we can help.

2004-04-14 01:49:28 ET


click on streetwear.

and then hat adjustable.....then at the bottoom zooo york. fresh mesh.

2004-04-14 03:23:46 ET

wow.. .yeah, yhou're right... umm... I'll have to try a few things when I'm more awake.

2004-04-14 12:38:04 ET


2004-04-14 12:39:53 ET

I think I figured it out.....but honestly....too lazy.....but well.....I'll try......

2004-04-14 12:40:57 ET


2004-04-14 13:39:16 ET


how on earth?

oh and i have other things i wanted to show but there are flash.

so no way in hell i can link those right?

2004-04-14 13:39:59 ET

isn't it efdfin hawt.

its like my fav skate company for years, and i love graff since da 80z.

mmmmmmmmmmmm. it makes me dr00l.

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