mmmmmmmmmmmmmm beeer.
2004-04-15 20:57:00 ET

just saw the new molson beer commercial. fukken eh!

anyways just got off work baought a six pack, goin to the bar soon, my ex gets back tomorrow. nbot really ex, but as far as ex goes yeh.

so party time tomoorow, rowan said she whud give me 8\90$ and that she whud take me out, but i dunno we will have to see hwo far that idea goes.

MY BOI IS SO FUKKEN KEWT i am goin to cry.

okies. nighty night. Xx

2004-04-15 21:00:43 ET

The "Why don't I drink American beer?" one?

That one kicks ass. I'm trying to find a downloadable version on the 'net so I can spread the joy.

2004-04-15 21:12:06 ET

It always sounds so exciting up there! =)

2004-04-15 21:37:07 ET


its is very exciting. you need to meet a rich gay man here and come see meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

2004-04-15 21:42:28 ET

Can we turn your igloo into a discoteque? =P

It'll be pretty, with a disco ball and everything. The parties will be fabulous!

2004-04-16 06:40:11 ET

Have fun ;-)

2004-04-16 14:15:36 ET

hellz yeh mark.

thats whud be so fun.

2004-04-16 15:43:53 ET

thumpthumpthump goes the bass.

dancedancedance goes the Mark.

2004-04-16 20:00:57 ET

scratch scarth goes ann-marie on the turntables.

2004-04-17 13:29:32 ET

parties in an igloo WOULD be fabulous

2004-04-17 17:17:12 ET

come up and we will have one then.

2004-04-18 07:07:40 ET

i'm down

2004-04-18 14:03:28 ET

no your up.

iam up .


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