best friend's of the opposite sexXx
2004-04-19 13:49:18 ET

ok so my ex bext friend is back in town, i was like in love with this guy and i am sure he was with me too.

we were soo close for years and all that buzz.

there is sooo much deep history with us, that has been untapped.

its a really long complicated story, but lets just say as usual, another love i pushed away, and its the main one i regret, i broke his heart and ran him into the arms of another girl, who he is still with, and the first night they met they fell in love.

and kno she knows the history with us, just by looking at us, and wont let us hang out at all, anyways she is not due for like another month. and i think i have some shit to settle with us.

it sux that whenever we hang out or look at each other there is this this uncomfort that is keeping us apart, like its too weird to hang out, i think that is such bullshit, how can 2 ppl that used to be sooooo close be so far apart?

i shud go to work. altho i kno it will be shit. peas.

2004-04-19 13:58:04 ET

i've never understood that thing either. but i guess it's not because you're uneasy, just more wary, because you or the other person or both have something going that you'd really rather not lose and if you're with each other, things could happen that you'll regret.

2004-04-19 14:07:26 ET

this is true.

but i think i still need to talk to him about it, get it out once and for all.

say what we both know.

but i dont want him to think i am trying to steal himaway or amnything, cuz i do have a "boi" that i am trying to firgure shit out with too.

oh love is so hard.

2004-04-19 14:11:14 ET

that it is. stupid feelings. grrr!

i need to go on a date where the girl actually likes me and can remember my name four days later. that'd be nice.

2004-04-19 14:19:21 ET

if i was near you i totally whud!!!!

your good shit. dont ever forget it.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

2004-04-19 14:22:47 ET

oh, i'm aware. i blame the female for this one. hehe. it's too bad i was completely smitten with her.

2004-04-19 14:30:51 ET

oh i mos def jear that.

i am currently smitten.

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