oh my gawd i am goin to effin cry.
2004-04-19 21:12:27 ET

i am soo pissed right now, how the fuck could i not kno that the new season oF QUEER AS FOLK was on tonight.

i just caught the last 5 mins.

and it wont be on again...well if i stay up until 5 am it will be. but i dont really plan on it.

grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. $%#~[snk'lsavd`$^~@#@!+

so anyways on another note i found like 6 beer in the back of my car.......all different brands. hahaha

even lukes wildcat...gah sooo gross.

so i might go pick of sandra and go see gerald n luke at lizards. but i doubt it. i recorded some tv shows so i wanna watch.

2004-04-20 19:49:24 ET

hehe...I guess there was a big 10 minute steamy, hot sex scene in it...hehe...isn't it great when you find beer?? even the left over beer is great to find!

2004-04-20 21:34:45 ET

omg you saw it?

fukkk i am still soo pissed.

2004-04-21 07:26:08 ET

no...i didn't get to see it...my friend greag told me all about it at work and how hot it was...

2004-04-21 11:46:55 ET

well guessi will have to wait for the dvd

2004-04-22 19:49:06 ET

that sucks...no reruns??

2004-04-22 21:00:14 ET

nope there used to be somne on friday nights.

but not anymore. i whud have thought it whud also be on bravo, but guess not.

2004-04-22 21:01:30 ET

that sucks...

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