HAPPY 4:20
2004-04-20 22:00:13 ET

even tho i dont smoke imma goin out.

alot of kegger parties tonight.

2004-04-20 22:25:51 ET

I wonder if I would have partaken in the festivities if I had new about this special day in advance.

Oh well, there's always next year.

2004-04-20 22:50:13 ET

Why do so many people insist on celebrating Hitler's birthday by getting wasted? It boggles my mind.

2004-04-21 00:43:03 ET

hitlers b day?

2004-04-21 06:40:42 ET

Yeah, I go out and shoot up the town, I mean, paint the town red...er...somethin

2004-04-21 11:47:22 ET


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