Yellow Card - Breathing
2004-04-21 13:12:08 ET

tired of crying myself to sleep every night.

it takes up sooo much energy.

2004-04-21 13:14:09 ET

Good one. Ha.

2004-04-21 13:17:42 ET

Aw hunneh I'll be home soon and we'll be too drunk to cry ourselves to sleep, well just straight on pass out after eating tags food! LOVE U!

2004-04-21 13:28:59 ET

i am getting sick of that shit.

i am getting sick of everything.

just in time for summer too eh.

2004-04-21 14:18:50 ET

emotional stress is the worst sort. When I'm emotionally stressed all I can do is sleep.

2004-04-21 14:28:31 ET

i cant sleep.

its horrid.

2004-04-22 14:28:07 ET

thats how it always seems in whitehorse...then the summers gone and all you have left a few and far between fond memories

2004-04-22 14:33:14 ET

hahaha indeed.

hurry and get back here woman.

we need to tag team on the driving.

2004-04-22 14:44:43 ET

i'll be there in 9 days

2004-04-22 21:00:42 ET

holy fuck that sooooooooooooooon.

oi am soo excited.

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