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2004-04-21 21:22:28 ET

sewing my pants, goin to jug night. 10$ pitchers.

meeting the skater boi crew there.

who knows meybee even my "boifriend" will be there. then i can talk to him for once, and ask hima bout all this shit, i just hope he's not too drunk. yeh right ehe.

anyways i cant wait to hang otu with aram he works until midnight tonight, i shud have gotten him to meet me at the bar afterwards.
oh well next time.

bleh feel dizzy again today, meybee i shud make a doc appt.

but no thats too easy, i think i'l just wait until i die.

2004-04-22 01:52:22 ET

With $10 pitchers, I hope you don't mean beer and if so, hopefully not domestic. They serve up $5 pitchers of the cheap stuff here, 7 bucks for one to drink bottomless and 10 to drink bottomless imports. Does my commenting on only one 'stanza' of your post make me an alcoholic?

2004-04-22 03:06:10 ET

canadian money hunneh.

2004-04-22 03:09:03 ET

Pardon my ignorance, but what is the current exchange rate?

2004-04-22 03:31:45 ET

i have no clue?

lets just say for a dollar of yours mine is 2 dollars.

2004-04-22 07:38:43 ET

I didn't know the Canadian economy was in that much of a slum in that goods "costed" twice as much. Anyway, we still have bottomless imports. :)

2004-04-22 14:11:41 ET

yeh man.

it suz, also cuz i do alot of online shopping. so say i have like 300$ in my cart, doesn't seem like much but taxes and exchange and shipping.e.t.c its all about 650-700$.


2004-04-22 20:37:05 ET

It does suck!!! Boo on Canadian the prices are higher up pictures here are only like $5-7 most times...

2004-04-22 21:01:41 ET

yeh and the beer is probably waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.

2004-04-22 21:02:32 ET

depending on the cowboys beer tastes like ass sweat!

2004-04-22 21:06:53 ET

well for some reason allt he shit here is gettiung flatter and flatter.

the fucking capitol wont fix their godamm taps.

2004-04-22 21:07:45 ET

are you surprised by that?? It IS the capitol...

2004-04-22 21:13:20 ET


r u the one who always gets a pitchers thern drinks it with a straw?

2004-04-22 21:16:30 ET *looks around the room*...yup thats me...monkey's lunch is the best in pitchers...but really...who needs a glass??!!

2004-04-22 21:31:19 ET

you d oknow that because the color of your comment on this is white, many people may not be smart enough to click there anyways thinking that you have chosen to remove the comment option?? Just a though...maybe you intended it...dunno

2004-04-23 03:38:40 ET

if it matters to them they will try.


2004-04-23 10:49:51 ET

fair enough...that why i matter to me...=)

2004-04-23 12:02:59 ET


2004-04-23 14:08:36 ET

$1 US=$1.36 Canadian

way to be, canada

2004-04-23 17:54:31 ET


yeh thats it.

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