lipstick and cigarettes
2004-04-23 13:29:03 ET

are all gunked in my hair,

and i have 30 mins to get to the bank, these are the times when my best friend's hats come in handy.

2004-04-23 13:31:21 ET

I stole Marks Zero hat...he just hasn't realized its mine yet...hehe...jk...friends hats always seem to be better then your own...

2004-04-23 14:08:17 ET

how did cigarettes get in your hair?

2004-04-23 17:55:33 ET

i dunno i have alot of hair, and i found a butt in it.

i find lots of weird shit in my hair after long nights.

2004-04-23 19:04:32 ET


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