holy funk monkey crunch
2004-04-24 23:50:05 ET

watching kill bill FINALLY.

not even 20 mins in, and i can tell i am goin to add this to my top 5.

holy shite. this shit rocks.

2004-04-25 06:40:57 ET

Yeah really! I love Kill Bill

2004-04-25 13:17:30 ET


i think i am goin to see vol.2 tonight.

2004-04-25 13:30:50 ET

I AM JEALOUS! I want to see Vol.2 but I have no money.

2004-04-25 13:45:37 ET


well if we were near each other i whud so take you on a date.

2004-04-25 13:45:47 ET

I <3 you!

2004-04-25 13:49:21 ET


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