2004-04-25 13:40:22 ET


and actor robin williams goes to the bar.

my bar, my second home. wtf man.

2004-04-25 15:37:08 ET

that sucks

2004-04-25 15:51:38 ET

it mos def does.

i guess he got bombarded by all these skanky girls tho.

and left.

2004-04-25 15:57:43 ET

I bet my sister was one of those skanky girls!! I bet she head them on! TRAMP!! (dont get me wrong...I do love her and all)

2004-04-25 16:41:56 ET


i bet she wasn't.

i was just told that fukking woody harrleson was there too.

godammit. oh well if giovanni ribisi was there too i whud have killed myself.

but i guess he decided to stay in.

2004-04-26 09:22:38 ET

Woddy?? I love Woddy!! I had the biggest crush on him when he was in Natural Born Killers...but he is only hot with a bald head...then he is mmmmmm *drool*

2004-04-26 13:04:57 ET

i kno.

i guess he was at lizards with ash jordan last night too.

2004-04-26 19:55:17 ET

really? they better still be there when we get back on the weekend!!! Or I think I will have to be a little angry!

2004-04-26 20:58:27 ET

whoa this weekend.

it hink they are here one more week.

2004-04-26 21:08:09 ET

sweet! yup this weekend!! Time flies hey?

2004-04-26 21:32:45 ET

joni too?

2004-04-26 21:42:26 ET

yup...I am comming back with her and our friend Mark

2004-04-26 21:53:27 ET

Oo a new person?

weird.. why is he coming?

IS HE GAY???????????

2004-04-26 21:56:00 ET

nope...not gay at all...he is the guy in my pic...under my roomies (he is living with us now) and he is comming up to work for the summer...he is the much fun...everyone is gonna love him!

2004-04-26 21:57:36 ET


he is goin to get raped.

2004-04-26 21:58:38 ET

umm...ya...thats what I told him...

2004-04-26 21:59:50 ET

just make sure he knows who is good and who isnt

there are alot of infested little skanks around these days.

A L O T .

2004-04-26 22:02:32 ET

I know...Ug...Whitehorse is getting really bad...but he isn't like that at he doesn't have anything to worry about...unless he is literally raped...

2004-04-26 23:22:30 ET


well it will be fun to meet him.

when r u coming?

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