to the girls?...and meybee even some boiz..
2004-04-26 02:27:54 ET

what defines bulimia?

and has anyone actually had it?

2004-04-26 02:54:53 ET

B ulimia is someone who binges and purges. So basically someone who eats a lot of food and forcibly pukes, uses laxatives, etc.

2004-04-26 06:21:10 ET

Yep that pretty much says it...I know people who have had it...but then it even gets to the point where if they eat anything they will puke.

2004-04-26 08:35:08 ET

I've known a few people who've had it, I think sometimes it's also a matter of control, they do it to prove they have control over their body (or for attention), but the main thing is always to be skinny, which is a given lol.

2004-04-26 13:05:39 ET

hrmmmm. oh ok. doesnt seem to sound as i thoiught it was.

2004-04-26 14:13:43 ET

What did you think it was?

2004-04-26 14:31:55 ET

i have no clue.

i was soo trashed when i wrote all thgat shit.

2004-04-26 18:25:08 ET

Hahah good times!

2004-04-26 22:27:22 ET

i used to have it...but i wasn't into the metamucil or anything...

2004-04-26 23:23:29 ET


i puke when i eat too fast or it doesnt sit well.

buti dont take laxatives or anything.

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