crying myself to sleep
2004-04-26 23:31:47 ET

how on earth did i spend 1000$$ this weekend, and have absolutely NOTHING to show for it. i am goin to kill myself now.


i have been waiting for money for soo long, i knew i shud have ony taken out 500$.


2004-04-27 06:11:51 ET

yikes...what'd you do this weekend?

2004-04-27 12:12:49 ET

nothing really.

thats the weird part.

i think someone may have ganked some.

i am kinda feeble with mon3ey.

i dont look after it as much as i shud.

2004-04-27 21:02:31 ET

I've felt the same way and then realized that I spend without thinking about it.

BTW, how you makin 1000 dollas? I want that job ;-)

I think we all have areas we can improve on, and I think with a little more attention paid to the banking situation, I think you can overcome it in the future!

2004-04-27 21:43:16 ET

i dunno.

i spend money like i drink water. seriosuly i have always been like that, it boggles my mind how i do it?

well lets just say i am also spoiled and my parents are broke becuz of it.

oh i got paid like 580$ on paycheque and 740$ for my annual income tax return.

2004-04-28 06:21:09 ET

Thats a darn good paycheck!

2004-04-28 14:09:49 ET

for once yes it is!

but remind you its ion CANADIAN currenecy.

2004-04-28 16:27:46 ET

Ohhhhhhh, thats right.

ha ha ha, now it all makes more sense!

2004-04-28 20:58:09 ET


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