making things
2004-04-27 21:39:49 ET

so wikked.

i got a plain black trucker cap, plain black tee shirts, and some plain black jogging pants.

then i got some plain stencil sheets, hot pink spray pain and fabric paint, and hot pink fabric markers.

i am sooo goin to make some fukken awesome clothes.

2004-04-27 21:50:23 ET

cuute i love making clothes it's so much fun!

2004-04-27 22:57:16 ET

i am excited.

2004-04-28 00:46:30 ET

sounds like fun... it's been a long time since i've made clothes... it would be nice to do it again sometime... :-\

2004-04-28 14:10:16 ET

make your hawt sexi camo 3/4 pants then.

and take pics.

2004-04-28 14:15:27 ET

i will O_o... think about pics hahaha

2004-04-28 14:25:56 ET


iu am one to talk hey, bu i simply just dont have option.

2004-04-28 14:29:18 ET

yea... i just don't like havin' my picture taken :-\

2004-04-28 20:54:41 ET

I wish I was creative enough to do stuff like that...

2004-04-28 21:24:31 ET

iwell thingis thats the only thing i am cretive in.

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