2004-05-02 15:03:39 ET

just had a shitload of sushi.

oh and chow mein.

2004-05-02 15:09:05 ET


2004-05-02 15:19:47 ET

ewww sushi!
{-not a big sushi fan.

but chow mein? now we're talkin.

2004-05-02 15:25:04 ET

not raw fish sushi.

2004-05-02 15:30:29 ET

I haven't had sushi in so long. My girlfriend was my sushi buddy, but we broke up. BUT I do eat alot of chinese food, well, the fast food kind anyway.

2004-05-02 16:01:53 ET

sushi makes me want to be happy for the rest of my life

2004-05-02 17:20:13 ET

my mom kinda taught me how to make it but not really.

there is shitloads of leftovers.

2004-05-02 17:50:22 ET

MMmmmm! Lucky!

2004-05-02 19:49:53 ET


i think imma go raid the fridge now.

unless my fat ass pig dad hasn't eaten it all.

2004-05-02 22:24:49 ET

can you get sushi anywhere here?

2004-05-02 22:27:55 ET

i dont think so at all.

just make it yourself.

2004-05-02 23:40:31 ET

mmm...I think I'll have to

speaking of food, I'm hungry! Where here delivers this late?? Its been so long since I've been home I cant remember!

2004-05-03 00:04:26 ET

hrmmm i have no clue?>

if you have a car go to tags.


2004-05-03 00:11:45 ET

I hear they have new good food! Something about sandwhiches or something?

2004-05-03 00:20:16 ET



but then again i never tried it when i was sober.

so i dunno.

2004-05-03 00:30:31 ET

mmmm...sounds good, then again, anything is when you've been drinking! I might have to go there though!

2004-05-03 00:34:24 ET

do eeeeeet.
i think imma go to bed.

or lay down and watch dvd at least.

night hun.

2004-05-03 00:35:19 ET


2004-05-04 05:29:09 ET

MMM lucky girl, I want sushi now too


2004-05-04 12:14:03 ET

if you come see me i will make you some great stuff.

2004-05-05 08:37:01 ET

Lol I got like 4 places before you so it might be awhile <3<3 but ill get there damnit

2004-05-05 11:04:21 ET


we can go camping.

2004-05-05 11:11:00 ET

hahah i'm so there, too! [as i just invite myself, muahaha]

2004-05-05 11:37:09 ET

of course you are invited.

i wouldn't have it any other way. <2

2004-05-05 12:54:30 ET

excellent. either would i. hehehe

2004-05-06 07:20:01 ET


2004-05-06 11:58:37 ET


2004-05-06 13:03:32 ET

bwahahahahaha rofl.

B IG S???

2004-05-07 09:17:29 ET

lol biggies..... okay sorry I called them that when I was a bebe

2004-05-07 11:56:43 ET

what the eff is a biggie?! hahaha i'm so confused.

2004-05-07 12:16:34 ET

i'm with you!! I have no idea what a biggie is...unless it is a sleeping bag??

2004-05-07 12:25:50 ET

me too.

i am beyong a jigsaw puzzle.

2004-05-08 09:14:09 ET

Biggie is a buggie foo'z!!!

2004-05-08 09:30:12 ET

not trying to sound stupid...but what is a buggie?

2004-05-08 09:37:32 ET

A bug ^_^

2004-05-08 09:38:49 ET

ahhh!! I get it now!!! YAY! Yes! Tons of bugs...mosquitos the size of your arm!! Just kidding...they aren't that big...but they come in swarms! (I live up north with Wasted)

2004-05-08 09:39:22 ET

Omg nooo lol Ill die I need my blood!!

2004-05-08 09:40:54 ET

for some reason they dont bite me (not in the numbers tat they bite others)...so you might be spared... if you dont wear perfume they are less likely to attack you...

2004-05-08 10:35:40 ET


i already saw some sam.


biggies, buggies, knats.

2004-05-08 10:40:43 ET


I hate those big black beetles that infest Dawson...if it wasn't for them Music Fest would be even better!! I hate them!!!

2004-05-08 11:15:37 ET

oh my gawd!!!!!!!!!!

the scary ones, with the huge attena's??


2004-05-08 11:21:47 ET

aftiel you live up there too?! wow, ya learn something new every day i guess!

i effin hate bugs... even HERE we get bad ones, let alone up there! :dies:

2004-05-08 11:28:38 ET

Amandacore: Ya...I do in the summers...otherwise I am in Calgary for school...

Wasted: ya you know which ones I mean!! I got one of those stuck in my hair when I was younger!! it fell downthe back ofmy shirt and went down my pants and bit the top of my ass!! I was mortified!

2004-05-08 11:30:19 ET

oh my gawd.

i have never gone that far.

did you ever get bit by one? i hear they take a chunk of flesh. literally.


2004-05-08 11:32:46 ET

ohya...it is a chunk...it hurt and then got all swollen and infected...I wanted to go on a killing rampage...I HATE them...

2004-05-08 11:32:48 ET

but still aftiel, i had no idea you were canadian at -all-. lol.

2004-05-08 11:33:54 ET

really? Do I come across as American?

2004-05-08 11:36:01 ET

hahaha. no! but i mean, i just never thought about it. lol.

2004-05-10 07:52:56 ET

Lol Canadians rock, I totally just love almost every Canadian Ive ever met lol I love you sexy bithes <3

Bugs love me. They touch me and I freak out. Im so girly sometimes. I wear smelly stuff like all the time, lotion is pry worse than the purfume though because I use it everywhere ALL the time. :( damn

2004-05-10 20:11:30 ET

aww...thats to bad...you are just going to have to deal with being eaten then...cause your comming...I have decided for you!!

2004-05-10 21:20:02 ET


2004-05-11 08:10:44 ET

Whoo I love it when people decide for me

2004-05-11 12:54:00 ET

me too.


2004-05-12 07:22:43 ET

Yeah, if they make crappy decisions.
Im just like EH, I dont care, you decide.
Go with the flooowww babaaayy

2004-05-12 13:18:06 ET


2004-05-13 05:05:12 ET

Eh is the best word to say, I love it

2004-05-13 11:50:19 ET

i kno.

2004-05-14 03:16:06 ET

i know, eh? ;)

2004-05-14 11:18:28 ET

msn i luv you guys.


2004-05-14 20:05:55 ET

msn you luv us?

2004-05-15 04:54:19 ET

hashahahaha msn

almost as bad as my jsjsjsjsjs typo when it means hahaha. ohman.

2004-05-15 07:20:26 ET

you're my hero. lmao! <3

2004-05-15 14:03:07 ET


you are the wind beneath my wings.

2004-05-15 14:03:08 ET


you are the wind beneath my wings.

2004-05-15 20:23:13 ET

hahaha. i'd better be! :D

2004-05-15 20:36:33 ET

no one else.

come fishing!!!!!!!!!!

2004-05-16 16:14:24 ET

i want to!!!!!!
eeee, i need to get my bitchin ass up there or vice versa, dammit!

2004-05-16 16:43:56 ET

yeh mang.

your dad will pay for it if you come here.

2004-05-17 10:03:49 ET

hahah i sure hope so. cos i gots no ca$h money!

2004-05-17 10:31:35 ET

has he been talking about goin fishing at all recently?

2004-05-17 11:03:12 ET

haha sadly enough, no :(

2004-05-17 11:56:30 ET

ask him.

2004-05-17 13:13:32 ET

i should, i should. we'll see. dangit, come to toronto! its so much more fun. lol. i mean, i wouldnt know, but ehhh... yeah. :)

2004-05-17 13:49:56 ET

no way.

ask aftiel yukon is waaaaaaaaaay more exciting. especially in the summertime.

2004-05-17 21:01:16 ET

I would have to agree!!! The summers here are awesome!!

2004-05-17 21:11:18 ET

yes but.

U N E V E R G O O U T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2004-05-17 21:18:30 ET

I know...I NEVER HAVE TIME OFF!!! But I do get Wednesday off so I am getting slammered tomorrow!!!

2004-05-17 21:26:23 ET

yeh right.

2004-05-18 07:41:41 ET

ok...i dont get wednesday off anymore...i have today off...what are you going to be doing?

2004-05-18 09:31:11 ET

working all day.

2004-05-18 09:46:51 ET

haha yukon might be fun but dayyyyyum toronto is AMAZING. wow.

2004-05-18 11:24:37 ET

no fun in a totally different way.

hrmmm i shall think of ways to explain and get back to you.

in so many ways its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than t.d0t

2004-05-18 13:29:19 ET

hahaha i still am not convinced :)

2004-05-18 13:33:05 ET

i will convince you.

i just dont have time to right now.

2004-05-18 13:40:42 ET

lol. alright. you keep thinking that! ;)

2004-05-18 13:47:08 ET


|shakesa fist|

smart ass.

2004-05-18 14:01:58 ET

you know it! haaaaa!

2004-05-18 14:14:39 ET

only thing is we dont have many bmx'ers.

bring some!!!!!!!!!!!

2004-05-18 14:15:27 ET

hahaha oh my word girl, i was chillin with like 25 of them on sunday. hot hot HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT... every single damn one of them. yowwwww.

2004-05-18 14:20:25 ET

you definately should bring some up here with you!!

2004-05-18 14:22:45 ET

oh my oh my.

if you wana see some of my newfound friends, they're at snowshovelbmx.com. wooooord up. you should watch some of the videos... they're fun times. mr. josh is in some of the pics in the photo gallery too, ann-marie!

2004-05-18 14:24:17 ET

like this one :)

i like to show him off!

2004-05-18 21:41:09 ET

fukken hqwt...it hink i want a bmx boi next.

2004-05-19 03:10:56 ET

hahaha you shud get one... they're incredible. and so strong! :swoons:

2004-05-19 07:31:13 ET

*totally didnt read hlf of that but*

& BMK boys are DAYUM FYNE..... like whoo..... second best I ever had!!! lol

2004-05-19 10:21:36 ET

BMX boys rock my EFFIN socks off. (hahaha. and josh rocks 'em off in more ways than one! weeeeerd up!) :D :D

2004-05-19 11:49:26 ET

i actuallytink i might start bmx'ing

2004-05-19 11:50:47 ET

i think you would be good at it...

2004-05-19 12:29:16 ET

i think so tooo.....but board stiff doesnt sell them anymore.

i want a skul skates one meybee.

dayum i dont even kno whut to start off with.

2004-05-19 13:07:27 ET

they're daaaayum expensive. over $500 if you want a good body.. and that's just the body! shiiiz. they're worth it tho. i've got a phone date with josh tonight so i'll ask him for ya, cool?

2004-05-19 22:55:03 ET

ok do eeeeeeet.

tellhim your hottie eskimo friend wants one.

2004-05-20 17:10:23 ET

hahahaha. i will.

but now did i not only forget to ask him last night, but i'm going away for the 2-4, and won't talk to him until monday. so i shall ask him then.

remind me! i'll probably drink away the fact that i have to remember it, this weekend. hahaha.

2004-05-20 20:30:47 ET

oh my gawd.

we will both have saooo many stories to tell each ohter after this weekend., i am soooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2004-05-21 19:28:18 ET

ahahahah i'm excited too!

i'm in sarnia now at my friend's house , we just got stoned and watched thunderstorms come in from across lake huron. wholy shit.

tomorrow we're going to this beach town near here, umm.. hello! hot guys everywhere? i think so!! :D

i'll have sooo much to tell you come monday!

2004-05-24 13:15:00 ET



i didnt sleep since thrusday night.

i cant walk, talk, rhink., whoa man.,

detyails to com,e/.

2004-05-24 15:19:34 ET

hahahah i cant wait!
i'll tell you about mine later too!

2004-05-24 15:38:10 ET


its a date, that i might have to do tomorrow, i have been saleeping all daya dne ating. and i have to go out tonight for my girls last night in town.

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